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My name is Daniel Dickinson. I'm a multi-published author, artist, and self-proclaimed adventurer.

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Gathering Tide: A TigerForce Tale Aggression Factor Don't Close Your Eyes by Daniel Dickinson

I have a new collection of short stories available! If you like fantasy, adventure, and the high seas, check out "Escape from Ogre Island", exclusively in "Gathering Tide"! If you like military sci-fi, full of air combat, honor, and sacrifice, then "Aggression Factor" is for you. How about horror? Check out "Don't close your Eyes", a mini collection of two horror stories! I am a frequent contributor to the Arizona Author Association's quarterly newsletter. Recipient of the Arizona Commission on the Arts Grant 2024.

I am currently working on several projects, several of them will be coming within the next few years (2024 and 2025). Hopefully, I will have some news for you soon! Be sure to follow all my social media for the latest news. I don't use mailing lists as of right now. If you'd like emails, let me know. Follow me on social media and give me a shout!

Daniel Dickinson

I enjoy writing and have been doing it since I was ten or so. I created Xonthian in its current form when I was in my early teens. Xonthian is an entire world, which has allowed my characters to move around and live fully.

I have a wonderful family and am a proud father with a beautiful wife. I enjoy traveling and photography, as well as food and art. One of the many hobbies I have is taking my daughter and grandkids camping at least twice a year.

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