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  • Final Fantasy 7 – Rebirth

    This review of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is incomplete. That said however, I’m not sure I’ll ever complete it in a timely fashion, to have this review done in a still relevant amount of time. So, I figured, why not jot down my thoughts thus far? First of all, I…

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  • Maps Galore

    You want maps? We have maps galore! Ok, well, in all honesty, I’m not even done with all the map additions. I have however added MOST of the Xonthian Maps I have, with the exception of the cities. Cities take the longest it seems, and some are not even sketched…

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  • Disney World – Thoughts

    We recently went to Disney World for a family vacation. And well, it was fine. I guess maybe I need to back up, before I get into this. Some, guidelines, so to speak. First of all, we’re a Disney Family. My daughter was raised with a healthy dose of Disney…

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